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We will start this broadcast here around 00AM on September 3rd.
Straight from Genialistide klubi and Horisont event. Not the main room.
But seriously, I would suggest actually attending :)

What is it ?

Picture broadcast is brought alive as fast brandboard internet is not available for streaming everywhere. Such solution is much less bandwidth and connection stability demanding. Audio from the events is brought to you separate from picture over shoutcast server and low quality.

When using this way to broadcast we may not be near computer during the whole show, so for feedback we would appreciate if you could leave it in comment format as it is not as temporary as chatroom shouts.

Listen to audio by using Winamp/iTunes or Windows Media Player.
If audio does not work, please visit this page first.
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Real talk! With the help of Edicy.

As we use free shoutcast service, we had to put this banner here. You don't have to click or anything.