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It all began in June 2008 when was our first effort to broadcast our party, so far the biggest one. At that time we used YahooTV solution (which is not available anymore) and that try can not be considered success at all. Then there was couple of years break and now we are back.

We are very much influenced by Oneman's Yard Sessions and J. Rocc's Beat Junkie Radio

We have had guests such as Lefto (Brownswood, Blue Note) and Patchwork Pirates (Earnest Endeavours, NTS Radio) in our shows. Our aim is to support music scene in Estonia with the help of our dear friend DJs, music producers, promotors and first and foremost - listeners. It’s just us.

About the website environment

Well, the decision to use Edicy to set up this website is not coincidental. It is built in our hometown Tartu by guys of whom some have even been my schoolmates or so. So I see it just as a simple contribution to the local community and another part of this endeavour to spread (besides music) what we have. Furthermore, it is a great tool and so easy to use it does not seem to have alternatives. For real. 
This is the bedroom/studio we broadcast from.
This is the bedroom/studio we broadcast from.
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